May 24-29, 2018 @ Chicago


May 24-29, 2018


Downtown Marriott Hotel, Chicago, IL


1200 Tickets (coming soon)


150 Amazing Speakers

Call for New Speakers!

If you have never presented at a UAC, then you are a new speaker. Apply Now. Send one audio for review to

UAC 2018 New Speaker Submission

Submission Deadline: JULY 31, 2016

Contact Karen McCauley or Carol Tebbs with any questions or concerns at

The opportunity you have been waiting for is here. Explore the 15 track descriptions below to see where your topics best fit. The application/submission process will close midnight, July 31, 2016 PDT.

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If you don’t find your question here, please contact Laura Nalbandian at

I would like to speak at UAC, how do I apply?

There are two categories of speakers – Veteran and New; if you have spoken at a previous UAC, you are a veteran, if you have not, then you are a new speaker. We are currenly accepting new speaker applications. New speakers apply here.

How are veteran speakers selected?

The first round of speakers were selected based on room count of over 80 from the 2012 conference, as well as those individuals spending significant amounts of time to make the conference happen, such as the UAC Planning Committee, UAC Board, and UAC Advisors.

Round two: If you have spoken at a previous UAC conference and did not receive an invitation in the first round, then you can apply as a veteran speaker. This part of the process will open for applications as of July 15, 2016, and will close at the end of the day (PDT) on August 15, 2016. When this phase has begun, you can use this link to submit your application materials.

Once all the veteran speaker applications are gathered, your name and information submitted will go to each of the UAC 2018 organizations and junior organization of which you are a current member. Each of these organizations will create a voting survey for its membership of all the astrologers who applied and are current members of that organization. The organization memberships will then vote in a staggering fashion, so that the candidates receiving the top number of votes from the first organization vote will be removed from the next survey vote list, since they will have already been chosen. Once the list of top votes for each organization is complete, the track coordinators will select speakers from this group for their particular tracks based on proposed lecture topics. Invitation letters and contracts will then be sent out, approximately December 2016.

How are new speakers selected?

If you have never spoken at a UAC, then you may apply as a new speaker, use this form to submit your materials for consideration. Karen McCauley and Carol Tebbs will lead a team to listen and review your audio. All audio must be in digital format and emailed, no other means of submission will be accepted. Follow the instructions on the form and if you have any questions, you can contact Karen or Carol at Once all submission have been reviewed and scored, the UAC Planning Committee will select 30 new speakers.

When does registration open?

We do not have a date set yet for registration to open.


Registration is not yet open. Please check back.

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