5 Questions with Kira Sutherland


Where are you the happiest?

It has to be in a bathtub filled with bubbles reading a good book.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Whipped cream in coffee.

What is your most vivid memory?

I was wearing my favorite red jacket and I was feeding the ducks at the duck pond the crusts I refused to eat. Suddenly one of the ducks grabbed my jacket and pulled me into the duck pond.

What superhero power would you choose?

Oh, there are so many good super powers. I am going to go for being able to transport myself long distances. I am tired of flying back and forth from Australia to North America.

What do you do to relax or recalibrate?

I go to the woods or I run by myself in the woods, listening to music. And the music has to be really loud. But only in one ear. I have to be able to listen for bears and cougars (my husband and I have a cabin in the Kootenays in Canada).