5 Questions with Jason Holley

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What’s your favorite time of day?

Just before and after sunset. The quality of quiet is such that I feel I can tune in, go inward and meditate.

What would you change about yourself?

I think right now my self-doubt. It’s the Libra in me. Always entertaining other thoughts and ideas. I won’t commit and land in a specific spot. It undermines my ability to show up and say what I think.

What’s the one guiding principle at the heart of the way you live?

I don’t have enough Sagittarius in my chart to answer that question.

What’s something you look forward to?

First thing that comes to me. Crawling into bed at night.

What’s your favorite place?

Currently? Florence, Italy. I like being there because it feels like a pilgrimage to beauty and that really speaks to me. My spiritual practice is making pilgrimages to sacred places.