Biography – Marion D. March

Marion D March

Marion began her astrological studies in 1966 and by 1970 was a top professional, co-authoring with Joan McEvers a best-selling six volume series entitled, "The Only Way to Learn Astrology". Aside from her books, Marion co-founded Aquarius Workshops and edited the “Aspects” journal.

When many in the community looked for change, Marion, along with three US organization heads, Noel Tyl (AFAN), Carol Tebbs (ISAR) and Neil Michelson (NCGR), established the United Astrology Congress (UAC) that first convened in 1986. She was Conference Coordinator for UAC’86, ‘89 and ’92. An internationally known and respected lecturer and teacher, Marion received much acclaim, including two Regulus Awards.

Marion was born in Germany in 1923 at Hitler’s rise. Thanks to her father’s prophetic intuition, by 1930 he sold his bank and urged all of his associates to invest outside of Germany. The family moved to Switzerland, so from speaking German, Marion now had to learn Italian and French. Ascona drew interesting people like a magnet and there were many political dissidents, intellectuals and artists fleeing the gathering storm in Germany. The famous and the infamous had lunch at her parent’s home and Marion watched and listened. She writes, "Erich Maria Remarque (All Quiet on the Western Front) was a neighbor and rowed over for exercise at least twice a week. Hermann Hesse lived one lake over and we saw him regularly along with other famous and intriguing people - I learned more listening to them than I ever learned in school."

In the fall of 1939 when Hitler invaded Poland, the family fled to Chile. They were detained for six-weeks but when they finally reached Valparaiso, the ship which carried their trunks had been torpedoed and sunk. Marion had to learn Spanish while waiting for their US visas and soon, Marion had to start all over again stuttering her way into English. Movies were her tutors and she watched endlessly, repeating the English lines and phrases.

In the 1940’s Marion found that the crazy world of Hollywood fit quite comfortably. She played in a few small film roles, leading up to a big break at 20th Century Fox and a role with Tyrone Power. Unfortunately, it included a more private role with Darryl Zanuck which she declined.

Marion went back to Switzerland in 1947 where she re-met Nico March. She had known Nico before but had paid no attention to him as he was a year younger and a student. This time, they were both ready for the other and married on 9/01/1948. After a short honeymoon, they sailed to the US for their permanent home.

After the children, Mikki and Nico, were grown, Marion’s passion for astrology segued into a career where she was actively involved to the end of her life. Marion died peacefully in the arms of her beloved Nico on 5/28/2001, 2:22 PM PDT. It was Memorial Day, appropriately, for her memory will remain as one of the outstanding 20th century astrologers.