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May 8, 2018
Target publication: May 1 thru May 24, 2018

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The Windy City is Hosting the Biggest Astrology Gathering in the World,
UAC2018 is the "United Nations of Astrologers"!

NOTE: You are invited to our press conference at the Downtown Marriott, May 24 @ 11:30 AMand to UAC2018's thrilling Opening Ceremony that same eve (Thurs May 24) at 7 :50 pm, PLUS the Great Debavte: Is Prediction Killing Astrology” Panel Discussion Wed May 23 @ 2 PM

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From May 24-29, 2018 CHICAGO is the CENTER of the UNIVERSE as the World’s Top Astrologers descend upon the Windy City for the Biggest Astrology Gathering Planet Earth Has Ever Seen!

UAC 2018 features175 Celebrated Astrologers, Authors, and Experts from Around the World.

Join us for a phenomenal week of fascinating study and thrilling and vital exploration of planetary activity that will define the ROARING 2020’s and beyond:

More than 1500 are expected to attend over 275 classes and workshops

UAC 2018 featres175 Celebrated Astrologers, Authors, and Experts from Around the World. Join us for a phenomenal week of fascinating study and thrilling and vital exploration of planetary activity that will define the ROARING 2020’s and beyond: More than 1500 are expected to attend over 275 classes and workshops

Sponsored by Astrology’s FIVE Leading Organizations: The AFA (American Federation of Astrologers), AFAN, (Association for Astrological Networking, ACVA (the American College of Vedic Astrology), ISAR (the International Society for Astrological Research), and the NCGR (National Council for Geocosmic Research),


The United Astrology Conference
Celebrating Earth and Sky
May 24-29, 2018

*Pre and Post Conference Workshops on May 23, 24 and May 30

@The Chicago Marriott Downtown, Magnificent Mile
540 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60611 (entrance on RUSH Street)

More than 15 Tracks / 60 Classes Daily including: (for Beginners) Fundamentals and Essentials of Astrology); Forecasting/Predictive Techniques, Finance & Economics, Political & Mundane, Traditional Astrology, Cycles of Personal Development, Vedic, Health & Wellness, Relationships, Historical & Research, Electives and Astrological Specialties, and Pre and Post - Conference Workshops.

For a complete schedule visit: (hit the “search” button for a drop down menu) PLUS Free Admission to UAC’s Marketplace, Bookstore, and Exhibit:

“An Astrological History of Chicago”!

Aficionados and Beginners, Attendees design their own schedule to attend one, two, or all six days. For complete bio of all speakers visit:, and for a complete schedule/list of classes, workshops, events, and pricing visit

Attendees may also register on site at the Downtown Marriott – Several free events include our Trade Show with 40+ vendors, our Mega Astrology Bookstore, Silent Auction, Live Jazz, Movie Night 5/27

About UAC2018

What the Leaders of UAC2018’s Sponsoring Organizations and notable participating astrologers are saying about UAC2018, the Economy, Major Trends, and the Roaring 2020’s:

“Thousands of years ago, clans wandered the Steppes, rarely meeting. But every few years, when “Jupiter aligned with Mars,” they would come together in great festivals to exchange ideas, to trade tales, and to merrily enrich the gene pool. Those exact traditions echo in the United Astrology Conference and serve the same purposes. 

         – Steven Forrest, author of The Inner Sky

“With the recent rise in popularity of astrology, events like the United Astrology Conference play an important role in bridging the gap between what the public thinks that astrology is and what genuine astrological research and practice is actually about. As a main sponsoring organization of UAC, we are proud to host this international gathering of those who study the meaningful correspondences between celestial cycles and our individual and collective lives.”
      - Leisa Schaim, Presiding Officer, Association for Astrological Networking (AFAN)

      The Seven Year Itch:

       “This United Astrology Conference is dedicated to ingress of planet Uranus in the sign of Taurus. It’ll transit this sign till July 7th 2025. Last time it happened 1935 when it stayed in Taurus till 1942. As we usually consider that the whole planet Earth is symbolized with the sign of Taurus and that Uranus is connected with unexpected and radical changes, the importance of next seven years for the global community is highlighted.”           - Aleksandar Imsiragic, President of ISAR

EAST Meets West at UAC2018

“The ancient Astrology of the East is alive and well, here in the West!”

       “Wise men, and wise women, of the Orient have come from afar to UAC, to collaborate with their Occidental counterparts in promoting and preserving Jyotisha – the “Science of Light.” The timeless constellations have something profound to tell us about our modern selves, and this silent language of the stars can be learned. Sophisticated and scientific, the original Universal information technology, authentic Astrology is being presented here at UAC by some of the best teachers on the planet.  It’s a pleasure and an honor to be able to participate in this extraordinary world-class event!

 “Ad Astra per Aspera””

  • Charlotte Benson (Jyoti Devi), President:  American College of Vedic Astrology

      “UAC2018 This is an especially exciting conference for us as 2018 marks the American Federation of Astrologers’ 80th birthday celebration!  What a way to celebrate with fellow esteemed Astrologers from all over the globe!” - Dave Campbell VP, American Federation of Astrologers


 "As the NCGR's mission (National Council for Geocosmic Research) is "building community through astrological research and education”, we look forward to UAC and meeting up with members of the five sponsoring organizations. More than 175 speakers and 1500+ attendees gather from all over the world. With so much divisiveness in the world we live in, it’s more important than ever to have events where people come together as a community. Conferences are about more than learning astrology.  They create community.  At conferences you get to meet people that you might never know or meet anywhere else.  Friendships develop across the seas.

     "All of this takes place NOW against the backdrop of a world getting more conservative as three of the five outer planets enter earth signs.  Saturn, the planet of duty, has moved into its own sign of Capricorn. However, what one person sees as duty, another can see as repression.  Pluto, the planet of transformation, also in Capricorn, brings the dark side of the sign to the surface so that it can be healed.  Capricorn rules government and big business.  Clearly, the dark side of both have surfaced since Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008, coinciding with the financial meltdown and the rise of right wing political parties worldwide.  

     Uranus enters Taurus in May of 2018 (for the first time since 1942) Uranus is the planet of entrepreneurship and invention.  It engenders change or transformation along the lines of the sign it falls in. Taurus represents earth and money, among other things. Going forward, inventions will take a more practical turn, perhaps greater interest in geothermal energy. Concerns for the environment are likely to increase, hopefully not due to more natural disasters. And let’s not forget that today’s youth were born with Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius and Pluto in Sagittarius, so they bring with them enthusiasm for brotherhood, the common good, and legal and legislative reform."

-- Joyce Levine, NCGR Chair


Financial Astrology/It’s the Economy Stupid!

“The 2018 UAC conference is timely because it coincides with the entrance of Uranus in Taurus, which will last 7 years. No other planet has such a pronounced effect upon market sectors ruled by the sign Uranus is in. It is the "boom/bust" signature in financial astrology.

When it travelled through Aquarius in 1995-2003, the technology stocks boomed into 2000.The NASDAQ rose five-fold from 1000 to over 5000. Then the dot-com bubble burst as technology stocks crashed into 2002, with the NASDAQ losing 80% of its value when it fell back to the 1000 level. Aquarius rules technology. Uranus then moved into Pisces, 2003-2010. Pisces rules crude oil, which soared from $25/barrel to nearly $150 by July 2008, again an increase of 5-fold. However, just a few months later, Crude Oil crashed, falling 78%. In 2010, Uranus moved into Aries, which rules guns and weapons. Once again, prices soared for stocks related to guns like Smith and Wesson, which changed to American Outdoors. Its price/share increased 10-fold, from $3/share to over $30/share. Today, as Uranus leaves Aries, American Outdoors has recently traded below $10/share. Which market sectors will be subject to the Boom/Bust cycle of Uranus in Taurus, 2018-2025? Taurus rules cattle (meat prices), currencies, cryptocurrencies, and banks. This a period that we anticipate will witness "Bankers Going Bonkers." – Raymond Merriman, Renowned Financial Astrologer, MMA Cycles,  

The Meaning of the Moment:

“We (in the USA) are struggling with our core values, the ones established in the Declaration Independence, which stated that “all men are created equal”, but in practice could not have been farther from the truth as slavery was the cornerstone of the U.S. economy. Today, it’s the 1% versus the 99%. The outer-planet activity (through 2025) speaks to the continued challenge of this core schism, which will ultimately come apart and rebuilt from a more cohesive place.”  The Roaring 2020’s marks a major turning point, one fraught with political, economic, ecological and geological shifts and shockwaves that planet Earth has never experienced before. Much more than Sun-sign horoscope tidbits, REAL astrology helps us to navigate and hopefully ace these challenging times. - Shelley Ackerman, Astrologer, ISAR Board Member, UAC2018 Spokesperson.

 "Uranus' grand entry into Taurus is an important activation moment for all of us, but especially those born between 1981-1988. #UAC2018 is their wake-up call to preserve more of the "We Are the World" sensibility with which they were born. This powerful placement sets the stage for us to move from “chaos to community." - Samuel Reynolds, ISAR Board Member

 “UAC 2018 is taking place at a time when people are opening their eyes to new ways of living and working, while also returning to ancient wisdom traditions like astrology. Astrology offers a lens through which we can perceive the deeper meanings of life and the world around us. With Uranus now in Taurus – a sign that stubbornly resists change – we’re on shaky political ground for 18 months with conflict over borders, land and possessions. But Uranus also offers an opportunity to face some inconvenient truths about ourselves, to abandon extreme behavior and embrace greater tolerance. - Frank Clifford, Principal of The London School of Astrology

  Since the first UAC in San Diego in 1986, this gathering has been the watering hole for astrologers all over the world. We come here to learn and teach, and share our professional ideas and creative talents. When it’s over and we return to our families and businesses, we go home enriched in our work and all relationships. A big plus: As everybody knows who’s ever experienced one of these cosmic events, while we’re here, we have the time of our lives. - Michael Lutin