UAC History

In the Beginning…

UAC 2012 flash mobUntil the early 1980’s AFA was the only organization with the financial resources, the work force and the publicity outreach to sponsor an international conference. By that time some newer organizations, ISAR, NCGR and AFAN, appealed to more specialized segments of the astrology community but none could singly meet the criteria to handle a large conference alone. And, many in the astrology community yearned for a new kind of gathering to combine creativity and fun with learning for a more complete conference experience. 

Later at a local conference in Southern California, Neil Michelsen, and Carol Tebbs (NCGR and ISAR’s Presiding Officer’s) opined during a lunch break that none of the younger organizations had all of the necessary components (funding, work force and publicity outreach) to sponsor an international gathering of astrologers. However, the idea of smaller organizations uniting to sponsor a large international conference caught hold and within a week AFAN joined in. UAC officially emerged early in 1984 when the three Presiding Officers and one member representing each sponsoring organization met at Marion March’s Encino home to set-out the UAC vision for a cooperative effort of three organizations to sponsor a large international astrology conference every three years. Noel Tyl and Angel Thompson represented AFAN, Carol Tebbs and Marguerite dar Boggia represented ISAR and Neil Michelsen and Roxana Muise represented NCGR, with Jeff Jawer serving as temporary UAC Board Chair.

Marion emerged as UAC’s primary “shaker and mover”, and was the unique astrologer to lead the “International” vision of UAC with her many international friends, name recognition and her fluency in 5 languages. She had the moxy, the clout and the credentials to bring a diverse astrology community together under one tent – literally! For the first UAC in 1986 we planned for 500 attendees, which many said was an over-reach because the AFA convention was to meet two-weeks later just 100 miles away in Los Angeles. However, we were astounded when 1,300 showed up. The modest hotel and meeting facilities at Bahia by the Bay were quickly over-run. We hastily hired make-shift tents set up to accommodate the crowd and busses to shuttle them to adjacent hotels. Amazingly, few complained because they knew UAC ‘86 was a transformative event setting new precedents and high expectations for all future astrology conferences.  That legacy has been perpetuated for eight international gatherings at both convention and resort locations throughout the United States. The staff for UAC number nine is well into planning yet another international blockbuster gathering, UAC 2018 at the Downtown Marriott Hotel on the “Magnificent Mile” in downtown Chicago, May 24-29.

UAC ’86 convened in San Diego, California at “Bahia by the Bay” hotel, Marion March Co-ordinator

  • For the first time, AFAN, ISAR and NCGR joined forces to produce a new kind of conference
  • 500 were expected because AFA was scheduled for Los Angeles 2 weeks later - 1,300 showed up
  • Hastily added room blocks at two adjacent hotels sold out and tents for added classrooms totally filled the Bahia Hotel grounds
  • People came from 46 countries to learn from 100 of the best astrologers in the world
  • Continuous shuttle buses transported attendees from adjacent hotels to classrooms
  • Michael Lutin entertained us with, “Pluto In Scorpio” and became a UAC legend overnight

UAC ’89 met in New Orleans, Louisiana at the historic Fremont Hotel, Marion March Co-ordinator

  • The French Quarter during Bastile Day celebrations added great excitement to the already distinctive music, food and cultural experience
  • 1,100 attended 5 days of classes and still enjoyed the exciting and colorful night life
  • The steamboat cruise on the Mississippi River brought UAC ’89 attendees together
  • The first Regulus Awards recognized astrologers in 5 areas: Community Service, Research and Innovation, Professional Image, Education and Theory and Understanding
  • Chefs carrying the flaming “Baked Alaska” dessert into the darkened banquet room added drama to the Regulus Awards
  • Michael Lutin foretold a funny, fractured future in, “I Was Nostradamus”

UAC ’92 gathered in Crystal City, Washington D.C., Marion March Co-ordinator

  • UAC came to the heart of power, Washington D.C., in an election year where politics was at the forefront
  • Joan Quigley, the Reagans’ astrologer, gave the Keynote Address. When Noel Tyl asked, “…and how were you paid?” Joan replied, “…very carefully…by Nancy’s secretary”
  • 1,100 attended 5 days of classes and many added the Pre and Post-conference workshops
  • A tour of the White House highlighted the conference sight-seeing
  • Michael Lutin’s “Alien Folly Cabaret” literally invaded UAC and took over the night life

UAC ’95 met in Monterey, California at the Marriott and Doubletree Hotels, Carol Tebbs, Coordinator

  • UAC took place at two hotels joined by the convention center near Monterey Bay
  • 1,200 gathered hear the best in astrological education and mingle with the authors after hours
  • The world famous Monterey Bay Aquarium provided attendees great photo opportunities
  • Nearby were great seafood restaurants and a memorable John Steinbeck/Cannery Row experience
  • A juried art show celebrated the works of many talented astrologers
  • Michael Lutin regaled attendees with laughter at his after-hours night club, “Don’t Go To Bed, Go To Mikey’s”
  • A group “balloon release” by the Pacific Ocean seashore commemorated the conference closing

UAC ’98 convened in Atlanta, Georgia at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Lillian Huber, Coordinator

  • Atlanta drew a crowd equal to UAC ’86 – 1,300 astrologers represented 42 countries around the world
  • 12 tracks of study ranging from experiential astrology to research filled 5 full days, including a Trade Show that drew national coverage from Atlanta based CNN
  • Michael Lutin’s, “Tomorrow is Another Day” promised “a return of the Goddess” (with Michael as Scarlet O’Hara) that set a joyous tone for the Regulus Banquet Opening
  • The Atlanta underground and organization parties provided evening adventure beyond the classroom

UAC ’02 in Orlando, Florida took over the Wyndam Palace Resort, Laura Nalbandian, Coordinator

  • 1,200 astrologers came from over 40 countries to learn and connect with international colleagues rather than take in Disney World
  • The grand Costume Ball brought out astrologers’ dramatic flair and some outrageous costumes
  • The “Harry Potter” ice-cream social gave attendees another opportunity to show creativity and have fun after a full day of classes
  • The spectacular Trade Show and Silent Auction was a shopper’s dream
  • Michael Lutin show????

UAC ’08 met in downtown Denver, Colorado at the Adam’s Mark Hotel, Madalyn Hillis-Dineen, Ray Merriman, and Donna Van Toen, Coordinators

  • UAC ’08 “Rocked the Universe” in the “mile high city”, Denver
  • Once again, UAC had a party and everyone showed up with over 1,300 people to mingle and learn from the world’s most noted astrologers and authors
  • UAC had a new co-sponsor, CVA/ACVA joined with AFAN, ISAR and NCGR to add Vedic classes for a more diverse conference
  • Michael Lutin delivered another uproarious hit in, “Plutopia, The Girl in the Polka Dot Dress”

UAC ’12 again convened in New Orleans, Louisiana at the Adam’s Mark Hotel, Madalyn Hillis-Dineen, Linda Lehman, and Gisele Terry, Coordinators

  • Over 1,200 astrologers came from over 40 countries to learn and connect with international colleagues and authors
  • The French Quarter culture, jazz music and the Mississippi waterfront were tourist highlights
  • Michael Lutin put on another hilarious show, “OMG, The Mayans Were Right!”, an outrageous satire of modern society
  • After hours, some took the bus into downtown New Orleans for bowling, while others took a ride down the Mississippi on the fabled paddle boat, “Natchez”
  • Another spectacular Trade Show was an astrologer’s shopping paradise

UAC ’18 gathers in Chicago, Illinois at the Marriott Hotel downtown on the “Magnificent Mile”, Laura Nalbandian, Coordinator

  • Now we meet to celebrate our ninth educational and creative mission at UAC ’18
  • Prepare to participate in the full experience of mingling and learning from the world’s best astrologers and authors
  • Save enough energy to enjoy morning yoga as well as the evening parties, shows and dancing
  • Treasure meeting old friends and colleagues to share in new and exciting experiences for another memorable UAC conference