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Friday 25

The Secret Symbolism of the 5th House - Adam ElenbaasHOUSTON ROOM

The 5th house has long been associated with topics like children, joy, and creativity, but why? And what other secrets does this house contain? In this talk, we will explore the ancient esoteric roots of the 5th house.

Venus Evening or Morning Star - Anna Estaroth – KANSAS CITY ROOM

Venus is often portrayed as nice social acceptability, but she is decidedly bi-polar, having peace-loving and war-mongering reputations. This talk explores multiple faces of Venus through her varied roles. Venus in relation to the Sun falls into eight significant phases with distinctive meanings: find out which one you are.

So What If You're Dead? The Horoscope Lives Forever! - Elisabeth Grace - LOS ANGELES ROOM

When someone makes news, the horoscope's hot - whether that someone is alive or not. What's happening when departed souls return to haunt the headlines?

Fibonacci Zodiac, Celestial Mathematica - Russ von Ohlhausen - SCOTTSDALE ROOM

"Mathematics is the language with which God has written the Universe.”-Galileo. Ancient astrologers were keen natural philosophers and mathematicians. They understood that all things in nature held mathematical keys to our reality. The Fibonacci Sequence is the essential code, revealing the foundational underpinning of the creation of all astrological language.

What's Keeping You From Success? - Maxine Taylor  - MIAMI ROOM

My passion is identifying the hidden messages we received as children which continue to rule us as adults. The Sun, Moon, Saturn, Pluto, rulers of the 4th and 10th houses, their house/sign placements and aspects reveal these messages. Please bring your own chart to see YOUR hidden message

Saturday 26

Four Virtual points in Chinese astrology -Stellar (Kiki) Chan  - HOUSTON ROOM

In Chinese astrology, Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter with its shadow Qi, Mercury with its shadow Yuebei, Mars with its shadow Rahu, and Saturn with its shadow Ketu compose Chinese astrological planet system. How do virtual points react with major planets? Will illustrate the interesting principle of interaction in Chinese astrology.

Saturn-Pluto and You: The birth contraction of 2018 – 2021 - Erica Jones-  KANSAS CITY ROOM

Discover the Saturn-Pluto archetypal complex’s challenging and more positive correlations throughout cultural history and identify current, related trends around the world. We will ask ourselves: How might we prepare for its potentials, both as a collective and on a personal level? Includes review of key dates during this cycle.

Major Gains From Minor Aspects - Larry Martin - LOS ANGELES ROOM

Fearful times call for brighter light. Quintiles, Septiles and Noviles shine light through the darkness. Quintiles reveal gifts otherwise invisible. Septiles birth inspirations when solutions seem impossible. Noviles explain how early life restrictions have held you back. Empower your clients – and yourself with these amazing gifts. Multiple examples given.

Rudhyar’s Astrology of Self Actualization  - Chet Zdrowski-  SCOTTSDALE ROOM

Dane Rudhyar had a compelling vision of astrology’s deepest purpose and the gifts it can bring. He saw astrology as a powerful tool for self-actualization and finding peace in the middle of life’s difficulties. We’ll explore the “Cosmic Psychosynthesis” that he developed and left as a gift to astrologers everywhere.

Dwarfs, Gods and Goddesses - the Impact of New Planets - Henry Seltzer – MIAMI ROOM

The three new planets, recently designated along with Pluto, as “dwarf,” are in fact quite significant in charts. Eris represents a Feminine Warrior energy, as documented in Henry's well-received book, The Tenth Planet. Makemake and Haumea can be shown by numerous example charts to symbolize a profound connection with nature.

Sunday 27

Tropical Zodiac & Sidereal Nakshatra in Vedic - Vic DiCara-  HOUSTON ROOM

Astrology: Vic will explain the tropical zodiac definitions ubiquitous throughout Vedic literature and reconcile it with similarly ubiquitous statements about zodiac reference stars (such as "Aries starts with Ashvini") with high historical and logical fidelity. He will explore why Indian tradition went sidereal and present a unique alternative.

House Pairs: Dyadic Areas of Life - Cheryl Hopkins -   KANSAS CITY ROOM

Planets in a house identify what part of the personality is active there. Foundational astrology teaches the house’s relevance within the individual’s nature. But looking at houses opposing each other as partners within a spectrum of life experience enhances their interpretive meaning. Chart examples illustrate.

Lilith: Healing the Wild:     Tom Jacobs - LOS ANGELES ROOM

An empowering interpretation of Black Moon Lilith as instinctive, natural wisdom in our bodies. Healing the wild is healing the feminine in all its forms

Queer Astrology Field Notes:  Ian Waisler -  SCOTTSDALE ROOM

What's Queer Astrology? What's been happening at QA conferences? And why should it matter to you? All are welcome.

Walking the Moon Path: Aligning Your Life with the Cycles of Luna - Mary Keswani - MIAMI ROOM

The Moon is our closest neighbor, a beautiful satellite and a source of inspiration and wonder. Walking the Moon Path is a practice dedicated to embracing the influence of the moon in each sign while staying attuned to her waxing and waning phases. Learn the benefits of this natural cycle.

Monday 28

The 7th House and the Future of Love-  Lauren Balin –  HOUSTON ROOM

 The focus of my lecture is to unpack the complexities of the 7th House in terms of both the personal and cultural shadow. The future of love is evolving and even if the legal system does not keep up, astrology must in order to best serve our students and clients.

The Hip Hop Movement Through the Lens of the Planetary Cycles - James Moran –  KANSAS CITY ROOM

The same planetary cycles that describe an individual's growth describe the growth of a movement. Explore hip hop's history, from old school to gangsta rap to its current dynamic manifestation, through the lens of the cycles of Jupiter, Saturn & Uranus. Cycles.

Pallas-What You'll Fight For - Tracy Quinlan - LOS ANGELES ROOM

Pallas, when prominently placed in a natal chart, can give us clues into what we’ll fight for. We’ll take a look at how this asteroid expresses through the signs, and how essential she can be in telling a more complete life story, especially in the charts of modern day warriors.

Every Phase Has Its Story - Mapping Lunation Phases to Movies to Help Clients Understand Their Quest - Christy Hall      - SCOTTSDALE ROOM

Traditional myths can help explain the mystery of the zodiac, but don't always seem relevant to people of all ages. Discover a fun, significant, easy way to explain a client's purpose - using movies! See how lunation phases help illuminate your Sun’s quest and who you were born to be.

Venus Retrograde and the Mythology of Inanna -  Judith Robert   MIAMI ROOM

During the Venus Retrograde period the Mayans believed Venus descended into the Underworld. The Summerian Myth of Inanna’s descent into the Underworld aptly describes this period of darkness, loss and letting go. This presentation will review the myth and its meaning and offer client examples.