Wednesday May 23, 2018

AFAN - How to Organize a Successful Local Astrology Group
10 am - 12:30 pm

In this internet-focused age, local astrology groups are still an important place to connect and share with other astrologers face-to-face. How do you find a local group, create one if none exist in your area, and keep a local astrology group going over time? In this informal gathering, we will discuss all the ‘how-to’s’ of starting and maintaining a local astrology group, such as different operational models, connecting with speakers, and sustaining interest over the years. Whether you have been organizing a local group for a long time or are just trying to find one, we invite you to come share your experiences with us in this roundtable discussion.

ISAR - Ethics Awareness Workshop 
9:30 AM – 12:30 PM 
$45.00 register

The ISAR Ethics Awareness workshop is the cornerstone of the ISAR certification program for its members. This enlightening workshop is also valuable for non-ISAR members – for anyone who aspires to practice or teach astrology. The first step to becoming a credible professional astrologer is to become aware of ethical issues confronting professional astrologers, such as “citing references and sources versus plagiarism, “ “client confidentiality,” “social or sexual relationship with clients,” “discriminatory versus non-discrimination issues and attitudes with colleagues and clients,” and many others.

The Great Debate: “Is Prediction Killing Astrology?” 
2:00 PM – 5:00 PM 

Is there a role for “prediction” in professional astrology, or does prediction actually harm the professionalism of astrology and astrologers? What exactly is prediction? Does it dis-empowering the client while empowering the astrologer at the client’s expense? Are there other words or ways to frame this part of our work that astrologers perform? “Probability versus inevitability” via astrological practices, or is the whole idea “a fool’s errand?” Hear some of the top astrologers in the world discuss and debate this highly-charged topic, with the purpose of creating awareness - and possibly a consensus - on the role of the astrologer addressing the issue of future events.

AFA - Research Approaches for Astrology Projects
9:30 am – 4:00 pm
$35.00 register

This day-long interactive workshop will present approaches and guidelines for planning astrological research projects. It will be facilitated by association members, Dr. William Morris, Dr. Benjamin Dykes, Demetra George and Franco Minatel. They will provide an initial overview of quantitative and qualitative research models, scholarly, and hybrid approaches to investigate astrological questions. You will receive help in formulating your ideas into a research question and selecting the relevant research methods. Further explorations include: distinguishing exploratory from actual research, literature reviews, research tools, software demos, structure and planning of your project, abstract design, and presentation.  Lunch is included with registration fee.

Will Morris has 37 years of clinical experience using medical astrology. He will present on politics of evidence, paradigms of inquiry and qualitative methods with attention to ethics and human subjects review.

Benjamin Dykes is a prolific translator of Latin and Arabic astrological texts, and will discuss topics such as paleography, bibliographies, manuscript transmission, and other issues in understanding the meaning of astrological terms and practices in ancient and medieval cultures.

Franco Minatel is a military/aerospace engineer as well as an astrologer. He is the director of  Alphee Lavoie’s Astrological Investigators, a group dedicated to proving or disproving astrological theorems.

Demetra George has taught the history of ancient astrology at Kepler College and the University of Oregon. She will discuss scholarly research, including the use of primary sources to track the development and transmission of astrological doctrines through various cultural eras.

ACVA - The Facets of Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) Systems and Methods

9:00 am – 5:00 pm
$45.00 register

Join us as we learn about systems unique to Jyotish with established and respected astrologers: Christina Collins, Sam Geppi, Dennis Harness, Charlotte Benson, Gary Gomes and Shoba Mohan.  We'll journey into Dasa and Yogas, Nakshatra Dieties, Kuta in Relationship Compatibility, Propitiation and Remedial Measures, Upayas, Gemstones and Mantras for each planet. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to learn about Nama Nakshatra!  

NCGR – Cyber Tools for Astrologers
Full day - $90
Session 1 - $55; session 2 - $30; session 3 - $30 register

Learn from practicing astrologers how to command the best of cyber tools for your own use. In one day, Ramya Krishnamurty and Armand Diaz will teach participants about online office products, audiovisual interactive tools, and social media uses. Specifically, Krishnamurty will teach a morning session about the Google Suite of products, plus PowerPoint presentation development, and creating manageable Excel worksheets. After a lunch break, Krishnamurty focuses on the practical use of webinars, including how to record sessions and analyzing features of various providers. Diaz leads next session addressing the effective uses of Facebook, Twitter, blogs, websites, calendars and email campaigns. For more details and to register, 

NCGR-PAA - Professional Astrologers Alliance, is offering two pre-conference workshops on the basic astrological calculations required for PAA certification. Meira Epstein, CA, NCGR-PAA, will teach both workshops. The morning workshop (9 am – 12:30 pm) will cover Level-I: Natal Chart Calculations. You will learn to calculate a complete natal chart (Houses & Planets) which includes understanding time zones, using a calculator, the atlases, the table of houses, and a midnight ephemeris of planetary positions. The afternoon workshop (2:00pm – 5:00 pm) will cover Level-II forecasting calculations: secondary progressions and solar arc directions. Details and registration information about these two workshops can be found on the PAA-NCGR website See website for pricing information.

OPA - Organization for Professional Astrlogers

OPA – I-Astrologer: How to Successfully Launch or Enhance your Astrology Practice

9:30pm - 1pm (Part 1) $35

  • The dos and don’ts for a successful practice – Taking your existing practice to the next level. How to generate clients - What needs to be on your website - How to use Social Media, and much more…

2pm – 4pm (Part 2) $20

  • Writing workshop for Astrologers – You have a lot to share, but can you convey your insights in a professional manner? Make your blogs stand out - Make it easy for readers to learn your material.

Part 1 & 2 $50

I-Astrologer is a unique program that provides guidelines for astrologers to be successful in their practice. Many astrologers complete their studies and find themselves isolated when beginning to work with clients. I-Astrologer provides guidance and coaching from professionals who are running a successful career in astrology. Register Now