The Inspiration Behind with Bob Mulligan

When asked to give two talks at UAC, I immediately thought of presenting material from my upcoming book, An Astrology Guide for Spiritual Aspirants. After 14 years of indexing my own use of astrology for spiritual advancement, in a Uranian flash, I saw the The Five Gifts of Astrology (my first talk) in my mind's eye as the first chapter of my book. This insight provided a profound and consistent structure to organize my many years of work. As a system, astrology guides us to a deeper understanding of ourselves, and of life. These five gifts are symmetrical attributes, leading us step by step from developing tolerance through the mysteries of time and timing, supplying an all-encompassing one universal structure, guiding us to self-understanding, and resulting finally in a spiritual path. These gifts are the foundation of what astrology provides for our lives.

My second talk The Hierarchy of Planets is based on another chapter in my book and its purpose to show how planets indicate the different layers of karma from the universal, social, and personal levels of awareness. Quoting CEO Carter, "Could the nativities of the victims at Hiroshima all have indicated the death and ruin that overtook them on the fateful day of August, 1945?" Our personal thoughts, feelings, and actions have some symbiotic relationship to universal events. Astrology provides a mechanism for understanding this profound intertwining of individual and collective karma. Correctly approached, we can use the demarcations of the moment to raise our consciousness and manifest our true selves.