Adam Gainsburg

The Heart of Mars: Introducing the Mars Phases

This talk is my contribution to elevating the astrological conversation about Mars. This correction is long overdue and I find I have a particular passion for adding my voice to the effort. His thirteen distinct phases, akin to the Moon's phases, completely characterize him at a broader, collective contribution level. This instantly amends the bad boy, lower image we hold of him and shows directly how to identify and delineate his higher, more conscious and more dharmic meanings. Why this system of Mars Phases works so well and so consistently is easy to intuitively grasp. It’s entirely based on Mars' relationship to the Earth in 3D space: his speed, brightness, appearance in our skies. I call them the Mars Sky Factors which are distinct from his Chart Factors of sign, house, aspects, etc. Delineating Mars through his Sky Factors in relationship to the Sun then produces this extraordinarily lucid system of Mars Phases with the Sun that can be worked with natally, by progression, and by any system of transits. 

The Root of We: Full & Whole Relationships

This talk is designed to improve and deepen how astrologers work with relationships and relationship charts. It's a more comprehensive system than the Composite or Davison techniques for combining charts. It does not compete with those methods, but broadens our understanding of the individuals from whom those combined charts are created. I'm a sucker for awesome relationships. When I see one, even in books or movies, a relationship that's really working, that's based on the shared choice by both or all partners to grow with the other(s), to share life together in all ways, it speaks to me in a very personal way. I'm quite fortunate to be in a marriage very much like this; I know personally the value in growing as a mature "We." This talk will present my method for delineating any native's map for just such relationships.