Becca Tarnas 2

Becca Tarnas

Astrology as a Spiritual Practice

My astrological foundation is rooted deeply in archetypes and planetary patterns, the relationship planets have with each other. The way the character of each of the planets expresses itself and illuminates a multitude of potentials and possibilities leads us constantly to fresh perspectives and revelations. Our charts can be the greatest dialogue we have with ourselves.

This was the core that drew me in. Yet, when I first started practising astrology,   I didn’t have a sense of it as a spiritual practice until my relationship with the planetary archetypes expanded, leaving me with a deeper sense of just how extraordinary the dimensions of astrology truly are and just how extraordinary our relationships with planetary archetypes can be. This, in itself, carried a strong spiritual sense that I hadn’t encountered elsewhere in my life. And that encounter was profound.

Now not a day goes by that I don’t see life through that lens. Astrology provides a tool to explore, to plumb the depths, to point to a deeper purpose. As such, it is a spiritual practice. The more we get to know our chart, the more it is a daily call to a spiritual practice.

Astrology acts to awaken us to profound awareness. It connects us to something beyond the human realm. To soul, in my experience. The more we explore this map, this cartography, the more doors open, the more there is to know. There are always places to go in a chart, always things to delve into.